Your Internet and Network Marketing Business – What Is the Very First Step to Take?

This article discusses the very first thing to do, when setting up your Internet and Network Marketing Business. Are you talking to people who haven’t requested what you’re offering? Or, do you only speak to those who ARE requesting what you’re offering?

Take a look at how a traditional (not network marketing) business works:

  • they advertise to a specific segment of people (their target market),
  • they target prospects who are interested in their products or services,
  • they use conversion principles to find out if their marketing is working or not.

However, you might have noticed that network marketers often speak with a lot of people who are not interested in their products or services. It’s okay if you “qualify” people by asking a few questions before giving a sales presentation, then you are not wasting your time.

Even so, you are limiting yourself if you consider yourself to be only a distributor for the company and that the company is “your business”. Really it is YOU, who is “your business”. It’s more fun and you will gain more freedom once you realize that YOU are your business. Your company is just one part of your assets and income stream.

I agree, you need to have business partners who love the product and the company, but that’s not all of it. It’s better to have a business for yourself so that you can grow yourself and YOUR business. Then, YOU can attract people to you more easily and no longer be only talking to people who might not want to know about your opportunity or the products ( IF that’s what you’ve been doing).

Once you start attracting people in this way, they will see it’s much better and want to build their business the same way. And, you’ll become an entrepreneur instead of just a distributor.

Traditional Marketers do 2 things that are quite different from what Network Marketers often do...

  1. Traditional businesses find out WHO will be interested in their products and/or services, and market to those people specifically. That way, it’s much easier to get a sale.
  2. They generate leads within their target market, and use a number of different methods to generate the leads. Traditional marketers don’t limit themselves to just the people they know.

There are all different strategies you can use to market to people. However, the FIRST thing to do is decide on YOUR target market.

Who is the ideal customer or business partner for you?

Once you know this, then you can start marketing to that person. And you’ll find you get a lot more sales and a lot more business partners for your Internet and Network Marketing business.